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The Lutheran Message

The Lutheran Prayerbook

Advertising Information

The Lutheran Message is a 5” x 8” inspirational magazine
that is distributed free to local Lutheran churches in your
surrounding area. It is taken home and used on a daily
basis throughout the year. The Message currently reaches
21 states, with a circulation of approximately 150,000
magazines per issue.

It is through the gracious participation of our local advertisers that we have been able to offer our magazines FREE to the churches and the community for over 45 years. Please contact us for more information.

Full year local or statewide
ad sizes:

7-1/2" HEIGHT x 4-1/2" WIDTH FULL PAGE
5-3/4" HEIGHT x 4-1/2" WIDTH 3/4 PAGE
3-3/4" HEIGHT x 4-1/2" WIDTH 1/2 PAGE
2-3/4" HEIGHT x 4-1/2" WIDTH 1/3 PAGE
1-3/4" HEIGHT x 4-1/2" WIDTH 1/4 PAGE
1" HEIGHT x 4-1/2" WIDTH 1/8 PAGE
1-3/4" HEIGHT x 2-1/4" WIDTH 1/8 PAGE



The Lutheran Message is a family magazine which provides encouragement for day-to-day living through inspirational short stories.

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You may also mail your order to us at:
P.O. Box 251158, Woodbury, MN 55125